Our Story

We imagine an India where entrepreneurs and innovators have access to the resources they need to create deep and irreversible impact.

Our Philosophy

At Social Alpha, we believe that science and technology innovations and entrepreneurship has the potential to bring about a positive change in the life of masses. We search for entrepreneurs and innovators who are on a ‘mission to create social, economic and environmental impact’ and support them through their ‘lab to market’ journey, as they create compelling solutions to fight poverty and address India’s intractable developmental challenges.

In pursuit of game changing, disruptive innovations

The current science and technology based entrepreneurship ecosystem needs innovative alternatives to mainstream venture investing models – a new category of risk underwriting which is not averse to extremely high early stage risk. We have carefully designed a 3-tier ecosystem architecture to nurture entrepreneurs and innovators through their lab to market journey. This architecture connects the innovation and investment ecosystems and allows for an effective mechanism for allocating resources to mission driven entrepreneurs. The architecture has been designed to drive convergence between the objectives of the entrepreneurs seeking financial and operational support and the providers of risk capital and technical expertise. Social Alpha was launched in 2016.

Social Alpha architecture is built around a not-for-profit platform, Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (FISE) and operates through a nationwide network of technology and business incubation infrastructure, sponsored and enabled by Tata Trusts, Government of India and a number of academic, philanthropic and corporate partnerships.

The Social Alpha Growth Story: 2016 - 2022

From an idea to a validated approach

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We are at the helm of a new socio-economic revolution.

We are building an “Ecosystem” that would make it easier for entrepreneurs to access risk capital, attract talented professionals and create successful and self sustaining business models. Social Alpha stack is focused on addressing the challenges of market failure, mission drift, suboptimal scale and financial sustainability encountered by mission-driven innovators throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

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