About Our Labs

Social Alpha offers a robust network of technology and business incubators supported by the government and other partners to support our entrepreneurs in creating high quality, accessible and affordable solutions.

Our high-end laboratories are available for product development, iterations and testing. Social Alpha’s labs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and lab infrastructure as well as additional services such as shared support in the form of accounting and legal support, licensed software support, and external partner equipment facilities. Our labs have the necessary state-of-the-art facilities to allow impact innovators to accelerate their product development and testing.


At Social Alpha, associated start-ups have access to support in four major segments:

Rapid Prototyping

Building a Proof of Concept is challenging without the right support or equipment. At Social Alpha Labs, we enable start-ups with the necessary resources to build a POC from scratch. Start-ups have access to the necessary digital fabrication tools and techniques to develop their POC and Social Alpha’s Labs offer basic to advanced prototyping space.

The offerings include subtractive manufacturing apparatus like CNC milling, Laser cutting, workshops (metalworking and woodworking), and electronic prototyping workstations for research and development. Start-ups also have access to additive manufacturing tools including 3D printers with FDM and SLA technologies. These state-of-the-art resources are available at multiple locations.

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Analysis, Testing and Simulations

Building a prototype requires continued access to the right resources. The process is complex and requires the use of an extensive range of technologies. Analytical testing and simulation are integral to the prototype-building process to verify whether the design meets the required standards prior to developing a physical product or beginning the manufacturing process.

At Social Alpha’s Labs, start-ups have access to a set of analytical instruments and software packages that cover a wide range of products, from tiny sensors to large floor-standing inspection equipment, including industry-grade software’s performing simulations to verify product efficacy.

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RF Pre-Compliance Development Assistance Facility

Social Alpha offers an RF Pre-Compliance Development Assistance Facility to facilitate early ‘Lab-to-Market’ journey by bridging the gap for early product testing to make it compliance-ready. At our labs, start-ups can test their products for certification compliance prior to the final compliance test. They can verify CE, IEC compliance, etc., prior to registering for NABL Certification, which increases the chances that their product will pass the test in one shot, reducing the overall cost. Our labs are equipped with modern tools that meet international standards. Testing the product in our facility will provide information on potential EMC issues and aid in developing risk-reduction strategies.

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Energy/Cell Battery Testing Facility along with Environmental Testing

Our well-equipped labs have dedicated in-house space for upcoming innovations in energy storage. Start-ups working in these areas can test their product prototypes using our state-of-the-art facilities.

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