PRE-Compliances Development Assistance Facility

Social Alpha Labs offers a dedicated facility which encompasses major RF testing equipment for product RF testing and compliances. The facility also consists of a GTEM Cell which act as an alternative to an anechoic chamber with the same degree of accuracy for pre compliance EMC testing of products.

A separate dedicated space has been created for Pre-Compliances and RF testing currently with scope of the following tests:

  • Conducted emissions: Following standards CISPR 11 as per CISPR 16-1-2.
  • Radiated emissions: As per standards – CISPR 11, CIPSR 32
  • ESD tests: As per IEC 61000-4-2
  • And other RF development tests
  • Spectrum Analyser / EMI Receiver

    Make: Keysight | Model: N9000B-526N9000B-526
    Frequency range: 9KHz – 265.5 GHz
    Location: Delhi

  • RF Signal Generator

    Make: Keysight | Model: N5171B-503N5171B-503
    Location: Delhi

  • E&H Probes, Voltage and Current Probes

    Make: Compower | Model: PS-500PS-500, Schwarzbeck
    Location: Delhi

  • LISN’s

    Make: Com-Power | Model: LI-220c, Com-PowerLI550C

  • Average RF Power Sensors

    Make: Keysight | Model: U200 4A Usb Sensor

  • Pre-Amplifiers

    Boosting signals for appropriate analysis for testing applications
    Make: Com-Power | Model: PAL-010

  • Testing Chamber

    An alternative to Chamber with a Shielding Effectiveness of 100 dB
    Make: EMC GTEM | Model: EMC 500