32 finalists of Social Alpha’s Techtonic — Innovations in Clean Energy Challenge

32 finalists of the third edition of clean energy challenge | Social Alpha

The winners will be declared later this month

 The first flush of rains notwithstanding, the mercury jumped a few notches on June 15, what with all the excitement and expectations surrounding the 32 finalists of the third edition of Social Alpha’s clean energy challenge. Called “Techtonic — Innovations in Clean Energy” (earlier called the Social Alpha Energy Challenge), the challenge that kicked off on February 15, 2021, had invited disruptive solutions in clean energy driving climate action and improving the lives and livelihoods of marginal communities deeply affected by the global scourge.

From the 195 interests received, about 77 enterprises had been screened based on the solutions’ affordability, accessibility and user experience, and on the criteria of innovation, impact potential, problem-solution fit, scalability potential, business viability and team strength. They have also been subsequently assessed individually for the various offerings of the Techtonic program in the form of incubation, acceleration and investment. The International Energy Agency (IEA) and RISE Institute, Sweden, have also contributed to the assessment process as knowledge partners to the program.

While the door was wide open for any clean energy startup to apply, this year the competition had four focus areas: Energy for livelihoods (and productive applications), Energy for Thermal Conditioning (space heating/cooling) mainly for underserved communities and areas; Smart Energy Systems (or Smart Automation for Grid and off Grid Applications); and Energy Storage (battery technology).

An initiative like Techtonic strengthens the bulwark against climate-induced risks to health, livelihoods, food security, water supply, human security, and economic growth. The finalists have just one more hurdle to cross to be eligible for customized support through the various stages of their lab-to-market journey.

Following is the list of startups competing in two categories at the grand finale to be held later this month.

Startups in pre-pilot category

    1. DbyT Dynamics Mobility Solutions provides fleet of cold storage fitted 2W electrical vehicle as a service
    2. Apeiro Energy has developed iWind – smart vertical axis wind turbine
    3. Rechargion Energy has developed a Plug and play Li-S battery
    4. MCS Cargar is providing Charge as a Service (CaaS) for electric vehicles on a mobile/off-grid platform
    5. h2e Power Systems has developed a Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) based H2 storage and transportation system for mobility applications
    6. Godi India has developed next-generation advanced lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors
    7. GenNew is providing zero water autonomous PV solar panel cleaning
    8. Enhanced Innovations is developing Phloton, smart, active cooling vaccine carrier system
    9. Aerostrovilos Energy has developed ultra-low emission micro gas turbine based power generation using biofuels
    10. Oersted Auto is providing batteries built on a modular platform for EV retrofitting and home energy storage system
    11. Aloe eCell has developed eco-friendly and non-hazardous aloe vera-based battery
    12. Valerio Electric has developed smart charging sockets for electric vehicles
    13. Thumbi Labs has developed Triazu, a simulation platform that models energy-use scenarios and suggests optimizations and cost reductions for SMEs, commercial and residential buildings
    14. TARE has developed a DRE-based efficient Aquaponic System for sustainable farming unit
    15. SIB is developing affordable and efficient sodium-ion batteries
    16. Enverden Labs has developed a smart energy management system to reduce electricity charges

    Startups in post-pilot category

    1. Orora provides solar-powered modular mini-grid solution with configurable options for off-grid energy applications
    2. Raheja Solar Food Processing has developed an affordable solar dryer for minimizing post-harvest losses
    3. MOJO Green has developed a mobile, battery integrated fast-charging solution for EVs
    4. Steamax Envicore provides efficient biomass combustion system for small-scale food industry’s heating needs
    5. Patersons Energy has developed a Thermo chemical Depolymerization process to convert plastic waste to oil
    6. Wenergie Ecoworks provides Quark, a series of smart solar-to-battery interfacing devices
    7. Thermopv Solar is developing a retrofitable Hybrid PV Thermal (HPVT) water solution system
    8. Deyhaat Connect is providing solar powered pico-grids providing energy access as-a-service in rural markets
    9. Evergen has developed a software platform that optimises battery storage and orchestrates fleets of batteries for network operators and electricity retailers
    10. ElecXion Energy is developing a spot welding less swappable modular lithium ion battery pack for 2W electric vehicle
    11. Sustain Impact has developed a blockchain based peer-to-peer energy trading and Automated Demand Response tools
    12. Autostudio provides smart solar operated hydroponics fodder system
    13. MachPhy Solutions provides an energy efficient hybrid cooling system with phase change materials and nanomaterials
    14. Hydrogreens Agri Solutions provides a renewable-energy powered climate-controlled vertical farming system
    15. GoVidyouth Mobility has developed a range-extending technology for 2W electric vehicle
    16. Ushva Clean Technologies has developed FLOWLINC, a next-generation Industry 4.0 IoT edge device for remote data control