Business Development Manager | Ubiqare Health | MedTech Portfolio Company

One of our portfolio companies Ubiqare Health a well-recognized specialty medical extension care provider based in Bangalore is seeking talented business development to power its growth in the coming years. This position requires dealing with digital health and telemedicine, deep familiarity with behavior patterns of the healthcare segments that we address and a proven track record of sales to hospitals and specialists.

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  • The role spans two verticals – specialty care services and hospital
    • The acquisition of customers for specialty care services, is through B2B2C and B2C channels comprising Specialists, Hospitals, Corporates and other collectives, and
    • The enablement of hospitals involves selling our solution in PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model.
  • Be responsible for the business development and Sales, generating revenue and sales lead
    • Accurately develop, map, forecast and close business leads.
    • Work with the team to develop proposals that speaks to the clients’ needs, concerns, and objectives.
  • Contribute to Organizational growth
    • Maintain and nurture new/existing client relationships & work closely with the internal colleagues to meet customer needs and ensure additional
    • Contribute to building partner
    • Contribute to evolving strategy and response to emerging opportunities by engaging with the


  • This role covers the current locations that we are serving. Scope may expand as we
  • Healthcare requires building deep relationships and will need physical
  • Digital marketing and social media campaigns are also expected to be


  • Self-driven individual with around 10 years of sales/marketing experience in
  • Comfortable in leveraging digital technologies to realize
  • Person who can think out of the box and build new pathways in
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal

Academic Qualifications

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in life sciences/ engineering/
  • Preferred Master’s degree in Marketing or Business

Compensation & Benefits
This role offers career-defining opportunities for business innovation and growth along with the organization. The compensation will be a combination of fixed part, performance-driven variable part, and employee stock options.


Sridhar Pillalamarri, Co-founder CEO, Ubiqare Health or +91 9972933600.