Digital Marketer

About SundayGrids:

SundayGrids is a sustainability-centric startup based in Bangalore. Our focus is to intersect the accessibility and scale enabled by digital tools with the public engagement and participation needed to build a positive climate impact.

Job Title: Digital Marketer

Location: Full-Time Remote Work/ Bangalore

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Work with the design team in audience mapping
  • Structure the marketing and sales funnel and identify engagement touchpoints
  • Define, execute and analyze the marketing strategy, concept and campaigns to deliver on business objectives
  • Structure the campaign metrics and marketing analytics
  • Work with team for product and user insights
  • Ensure adaptation of latest digital practices & tools to drive higher efficiencies across media campaigns


  • Good copywriting and storytelling skills
  • Identify aligned-trends and approachable
  • To plan and create content and campaigns that build and engage with the community.
  • To plan & execute the complete content marketing, social and community building strategy.

Working at SundayGrids

We genuinely believe that having a deep understanding in the fundamentals of the field is far more important than just counting experience based on years or degrees gained. In fact, neither of those two vanity metrics are taken into consideration during hiring.

We believe true climate action is possible only when it is equitable, and the same goes for our teams as well. Our aim is to build a culture and workspace that is diverse and inclusive, with equal and equitable opportunity for all.

In the current context, we would like to transition into a hybrid workspace. Physical presence really helps in collaborative engagements while we hold that flexibility to do deep work elsewhere precious. Additionally, we are also experimenting with transitioning into an alternating four-day workweek.