Nearly 50% of people in India use non-motorised forms of transport: Walking (32%) and Cycling (19%) in their daily commutes to work . While many are economically capable of choosing their preferred mode of transport, many more cannot afford motorised mobility solutions like scooters and motorbikes. This reality is underscored by the fact that most of the estimated 110 million cycles plying on our roads are humble roadster bicycles. This lack of affordable motorised transport solutions adversely affects productivity, increases drudgery and geographically constrains people’s livelihood opportunities. These problems get further accentuated in the case of last-mile delivery personnel who use bicycles to complete their daily tasks.

Social Alpha and FedEx have come together to support ventures working towards building affordable personal motorised transportation solutions through a year-long accelerator program. As part of the program, they will receive support in product development, GTM strategy, and access to new markets.


Through this program, Social Alpha, supported by FedEx, seeks to curate and help develop two ventures with e-cycle innovations that can optimally tackle this challenge. The objective is to create electric cycles-based solutions that work for the marginalised and underserved communities without compromising quality and user experience. Through the program support, the two ventures will customise their solutions to the needs of the target communities, deploy them at an affordable price and sustainably expand to new geographies. Thus, reducing drudgery, improving income and enabling better livelihood opportunities for the target customers.

Program Offerings

The program aims to accelerate the development of two ventures which have made innovative products to make sustainable motorised mobility affordable.

Following are the program offerings for the selected ventures from Social Alpha:

Market Access Support

De-risking the start-ups’ expansion to new geographies through market access funding, thereby enabling access to new markets and customer segments

Product Development

Supporting product development through Social Alpha’s prototyping infrastructure and network partners

Office Space

Access to Social Alpha’s co-working spaces in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai

Dedicated Portfolio Management

Assistance with developing the go-to-market strategy, fundraising strategy and overall business advisory for ten months

Communications Support

Enable greater visibility to the innovators and unlock new opportunities

Shared Support Services

Access to Social Alpha’s shared support services in the domains of Legal, Branding & Marketing, Accounting, Taxation, Intellectual Property and Hiring

Seed Capital

Potential seed investment from Social Alpha


Mentorship sessions with FedEx experts on Product refinement, Sales and GTM.



Mag9 is a Mumbai-based company developing e-bikes for logistical services. An affordable vehicle with a high range per charge, customizable power modes & multiple cargo modifications. The vehicle comes with a mid-drive transmission and integrated electronics architecture.



Accelero Vehicles is a Delhi based company that has created a cost-effective portable electric engine named “eBik Smart” which can convert any existing bicycle to an electric bicycle with a host of smart features in under 15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Structure: