Agriculture accounts for 16.2% of the total GHG emissions in India

Climate risks can reduce agricultural income by

4.5-9% negative impact on production implies cost of climate change at ~1.5% of the GDP annually

Krishi Mangal aims at making farm & allied livelihoods efficient, sustainable and climate resilient for the wellbeing of small & marginal farmers by bringing together the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and communities.

Krishi Mangal is an 18-month Market Access and Scale-up Accelerator for 7 in-revenue start-ups working in agriculture & rural livelihoods with a focus on sustainably empowering the agricultural ecosystem to increase farm incomes under climate variabilities.


Market Access/Field Implementation – INR 42 Lakhs per start-up

Access to 12-month field implementation to scale the solution

Venture Acceleration Support – Up to INR 5 Lakhs per start-up

  • Market Access – Access to Social Alpha’s strong implementation/grassroots partner and program network
  • Dedicated Portfolio Management – Assistance with developing go-to-market strategy and overall business advisory for 1 year
  • Fundraising support – Assistance with fundraising collaterals and other requirements; Access to Social Alpha’s large and diverse
    investor and donor network
  • Marketing and Branding – Assistance with marketing collaterals, designing and other requirements
  • Product Support – Assistance with product development, refinement, and design
  • Networking Opportunity – Access to Cisco’s wide range of global and local partners

Cisco Mentorship

1-1 Mentor sessions with Cisco experts on Product refinement, HR strategy, Sales and GTM, Supply chain management, etc.


Water – Soil – Crop Nexus for Climate Resilience

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Allied Livelihoods for

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Post-harvest Management for Climate Mitigation

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Water - Soil - Crop Nexus for Climate Resilience

Degraded soil conditions due to a combination of intensive monocropping, overuse of chemical inputs, and polluted and exploited water resources are further increasing the vulnerability to climate risk.

Focus Areas

Allied Livelihoods for Resilience

With crop-based incomes at the mercy of climate events, the allied sector can play an increased role in stabilising the farm incomes. However, lack of productivity, and high risks in allied activities need innovations to make them profitable and thriving.

Focus Areas

Post-harvest Management for Climate Mitigation

The effect of heat, humidity, early ripening, decay, pest attacks, physical damage lead to decrease in nutrient value, quality and shelf-life of the produce leading to food loss. Food loss caused due to absence of appropriate post-harvest solutions at farmgate leads to significant loss in income for farmers.

Inability to find markets leads to further economic loss for farmers and causes food waste adversely impacting the climate with increased GHG emissions.

Focus Areas

Shelf-life Enhancement and Value Addition

  • Decentralised, affordable, multi-commodity infrastructure for storage of Agri-produce at the farmgate.
  • Solutions to prevent early ripening and extend the shelf life of Agri produce at the farmgate and during transit.
  • Affordable, modular, low-capacity, energy efficient processing machinery and value addition technologies for perishable produce at the farmgate for small farmer groups.
  • Efficient and affordable pre-processing technologies including combined harvesters and threshers for non-perishable produce at the farmgate.

Krishi Mangal 2.0 Cohort


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